It was a little past 10 when they landed. It wasn’t really hard to know when they landed because girls started running like mad and you’ll hear them screaming. Sora started to follow them too, because she didn’t want to miss her chance and be stuck there. It wasn’t hard for her to follow the girls because what will stop a ghost girl from passing through. When she caught a glimpse of Chen she really thought her heart might be beating in her chest. That’s how affected she was by the mere appearance of them. After Chen she saw the members come out one by one and she just wanted to run over there and touch them. But she had other plans and that was far better than just touching them. She followed them at a safe distance, because she didn’t want to tempt herself to try something she wasn’t capable of controlling. When they got to their van, she got inside one quickly and sat on the floor. She thought it would be spacious but it wasn’t that big, though it was comfortable. In the van was Sehun, Luhan, Lay, Xiumin, Chen and Kris. Sora wanted to pinch herself and know if she was dreaming but it was useless cause even if she feels the pain, how can a ghost dream. True they sleep, but it’s just a state where they shut everything off. They were even more handsome up-close and she just wanted to melt right there and then when she heard them talking. She wasn’t sure how long they went, but finally they came to their dorm. Sora don’t know what she was expecting, but it sure wasn’t a two storied house. The boys got out and went inside real quickly Sora almost didn’t have time to react fast enough. She wanted to get inside together not by going through things. They boys went inside their respective rooms and she didn’t know if she should follow them or not. In the end she decided to just look around the dorm. The dorm was normal in a way, kitchen, living room, and lots of rooms. Well not a lot for some people but for her it was a lot. The managers were in the kitchen going over their schedule, and getting ready to leave. The first member to get out was Suho, he walked into the kitchen and asked the manager about tomorrow.

“You guys don’t have anything for tomorrow morning, but you guys have radio interview at K station in the afternoon. We’ll come back around 12. So be ready by then.”

“Yes, hyung. Do we have anything after that?” Suho asked,

“No after that you guys can relax. Ok, have a good rest now. We are going.”

“Ok, good night hyung, noona.” Suho said and bid them farewell.

After the managers left Suho went to the living room and turned on the TV. Members came out in pairs and soon living room was full. Sora was shocked that they too were just a normal human being. It looked like they were really worn out. D.O soon got out of the coach to the kitchen.

“Hey, what should we eat today?” D.O shouted from the kitchen and the members answered at the same time

“Anything’s fine!” Sora laughed at their cuteness and headed to the kitchen to see what was being made.